News Oct 17, 2021

New Network Pricing Plan

We have good news for the owners of a network of restaurants, hotels, cafes, and bars. It became possible to manage the electronic menu at once by several establishments at the same time with the new annual “network” pricing plan.

Network Pricing Plan
Network Pricing Plan

In addition to the main establishment, with the help of which the subscription is made, you can also create up to twenty additional establishments with your menu, your QR code, your team, orders, and all other functions that are provided by the administrative interface. By managing the team members of each establishment, you can restrict or grant access to the created establishments for each of the participants.

Automatic recalculation of the package validity period is provided for everyone who wants to switch from the “standard” or “annual standard” pricing plan to the new “network” pricing plan.

It will be possible to switch from the “network” tariff plan back to the “standard” or “annual standard” pricing plans only if the created additional establishments are deleted.

You can subscribe to a new pricing plan in the administration panel, in the “Pricing Plans” section, or when registering a new establishment from the stravopys home page.

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