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How to create a unique QR code for a digital menu with a customer's table number?

Customers come to your establishment, sit at a table, scan a QR code, get acquainted with the menu, order and pay. At any time and without waiting for the waiter. Fast, clear, and convenient. All this can be done thanks to the flexible Stravopys settings interface.

An example of a QR code with pre-filled information
An example of a QR code with pre-filled information

This article is an extension of the previous article "Setting up fields for orders", which is optional, but for a general understanding of the features of Stravopys, we recommend that you read it before starting the following steps.

To adapt the order form and specify the required field with the table number in it, do the following:

  • Open the admin panel.
  • Go to "Order settings" (1).
  • Locate the main section and make sure the "Allow taking orders" toggle is enabled.
  • Find the section with form fields.
  • Leave the "Apartment, floor" field enabled (this is a special field participating in the generated QR code with pre-filled information). In the following steps, the name of this field will be changed. We do not need all other fields and it is better to disable them.
  • Below there are "Order Form Comment" (text that customers will see before ordering) and "Confirmation Details" (text that customers will see after ordering along with a thank you and confirmation) (2). Use them to provide customers with more information, such as "We'll be back shortly to finalize order details."
  • Save changes (3).
Setting the silence for the menu with a qr code
Setting the silence for the menu with a qr code
  • Click on the edit icon next to the "Apartment, floor" field (4) to open the edit form with additional settings.
  • Change the name to "Table number".
  • Change the clue, for example, to the number "4".
  • Specify the field as "required".
  • Set the field as "read-only" if you want to prevent clients from changing it.
  • Save the form.
Field setting
Field setting

Now let's create the required number of QR codes for the contactless menu to identify each table:

  • Go to the establishment settings.
  • Find a place to generate a QR code.
  • Find the "Table number (prefill)" field.
  • Enter the table number (the QR code should automatically update).
  • Save the updated QR code.
Setting qr code for digital menu
Setting qr code for digital menu
  • Scan the QR code with your phone and place a test order to make sure everything works as it should.
  • Repeat the operation for other tables.
An example of an order with the indicated table number
An example of an order with the indicated table number

All necessary technical steps have been taken. Further, optionally, designers can take care of the aesthetic appearance of QR codes, for example, by adding decor, table numbers, etc.

After that, all that remains is to print the generated QR codes and place them on the customers' tables.

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