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Use Stripe for Digital Menu Payments

In this guide, you will learn how to accept online payments by connecting your Digital Menu to a Stripe account.

Stripe Payment Processing Platform for Digital Menu
Stripe Payment Processing Platform for Digital Menu

Stripe is a top-rated Payment Processing Platform trusted by millions of businesses of all sizes – from startups to large enterprises.

Accepting Visa, Mastercard, American Express banking cards and Google Pay / Apple Pay wallets helps your clients conveniently pay and expand your business. Check the official Stripe payment methods page to learn more.

Following the next steps below you will learn how easy it is to add online payments to your digital menu.


You can skip this section if you already have an account in Stripe otherwise please do the following steps:

Stripe Registration From
Stripe Registration From
  • Specify Email, Full name, Country, and strong Password.
  • Click the "Create account" button.

Once your Stripe account is created it requires verification:

  • Open your email box and find the verification message from Stripe.
  • Click the "Verify your email address" button.

After verification, you will be redirected to the Payments Activation page.

  • Click the "Activate payments" button
Stripe Activation Message
Stripe Activation Message

You shall be prompted to fill in details about your organization. Follow the screen instructions to finish this step.

Stripe Account Setup Form
Stripe Account Setup Form

Once the previous step is done you shall see the Stripe dashboard.

Take a look at the developer's section. It contains the "Publishable" key and "Secret" key you will use them later in the Stravopys admin panel. Also, take a look at the selected mode. Make sure that you switched it to Test mode in case you would like to test your orders first.

Stripe Dashboard
Stripe Dashboard

Integrate Stripe Account with Stravopys

The main part is done but Stravopys still does not know about your Stripe account. Please do the following steps in order to make the connection:

  • Open the Stravopys Admin panel.
  • Click the "Order Settings" link.
  • Enable the "Allow to take orders" switcher.
Stravopys Admin Panel with Order Settings
Stravopys Admin Panel with Order Settings
  • Scroll down the page and find the "Online Payment Settings" section.
  • Specify the "Publishable" key and "Secret" key which you can find on the Stripe dashboard.
  • Save the changes.
Stravopys Admin Panel for Digital Menu with Stripe Settings
Stravopys Admin Panel for Digital Menu with Stripe Settings

That's it. Your digital menu is ready to take online orders.

Simulate Payments to Test Your Integration

To confirm that your digital menu is integrated with Stripe correctly, simulate transactions without moving any money, using special values in test mode.

Use the following card numbers with any three-digit CSV code and valid future date:

  • Success card: 4242424242424242
  • 3D Security: 4000000000003220
  • Failed: 4000000000009995

Check the Testing official page to learn more.

Stripe Payments Notifications

You can accept payments but Stripe still does not know how to notify Stravopys about new payments. In order to fix it and receive e-mail and telegram notifications for successful Stripe payments, you need to specify Stravopys endpoints in Stripe webhooks:

  • Open the Stripe dashboard.
  • Click the "Developers" button cloth to the switch mode

Stripe developers panel
Stripe developers panel
  • Click the "Webhooks" item on the left panel
  • Click the "Add an endpoint" button to set up Stravopys endpoint to receive Checkout events.
  • Specify the Endpoint URL as "".
  • Add an optional description.
  • Make sure that "Listen to" is marked as "Events on your account".
  • Cluck the "+ Select events" button.
  • Find the Checkout group and check the "checkout.session.completed" event.
  • Click the "Add events" button.
  • Click the "Add endpoint" button.
Stripe webhook events configuration
Stripe webhook events configuration

Once your endpoint is created you need to copy its "Signing secret" key. You can find it by clicking on the "reveal" button in the "Signing secret" column. You will find that the webhook key starts with "whsec_...".

Webhook signing secret
Webhook signing secret

Once you have the key it shall be copy-pasted to the Stravopys Order Settings configuration:

  • Open Stravopys Admin.
  • Open the Order Settings configuration.
  • Find the Stripe payment settings section.
  • Paste the webhook key to the appropriate field.
  • Save the changes.

That’s it. All required steps are done. If you want to accept real payment you need to switch mode in the Stripe dashboard and update keys in Stravopys Order Settings.

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