News Oct 8, 2020

Meet the "Special Offer"

We hasten to please you with the new features of the Stravopys contactless digital menu, namely, the addition of the "special offer" section. Now you can easily inform your customers about something special, for example, dishes of the day, seasonal offers, new products, etc.

Special offer
Special offer

The section with special offers in the menu has a responsive design and looks equally good on both mobile phones and tablets (to achieve maximum harmony - use the same proportions of images).

We decided not to limit the number of sections for advertising on the main page of the menu, so that you have maximum freedom in choosing and submitting special offers.

An updated menu with examples is available in our test facility Lorem Ipsum, by the QR code below:

You can check out the "Special Offer" functionality for free until the end of October 2020, after which it will become part of the paid package.

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