Stravopys — The Next Generation of Menu

Service for creating a contactless menu accessible by QR code. Designed for managers of cafés, restaurants and bars who want to give visitors a new experience of interaction with a convenient interface for demonstrating their dishes and drinks


What is it about Stravopys?

We use modern trends in design and technology, focusing on usability for both managers and visitors


No technical knowledge required, everything is simple and intuitive


Beauty at every level, in every pixel and in every line of code


Multilevel effective protection of data


Visual menu attracts visitors and increases sales


High-tech interface corresponding to the era of digital transformation of society


Dynamically changing menu allows you to display the most relevant information

QR Menu

A beautiful interface will help visitors explore the menu and choose their favorite items

Scan the QR code on your phone to see a menu

QR code for a menu
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How to create a QR Menu in Stravopys?

We recorded a short video with an example of registration, updating information about an establishment, creating categories and subcategories, adding positions and generating a QR code for menu

Create your menu
  • Adaptive design

    Add and edit menu items anytime on any device

  • Personalization of the menu for any needs

    Use a personal cover photo on the menu page with contact information

  • Allow visitors to no longer manually enter Wi-Fi password

    Allow visitors to no longer manually enter their password. Now you can just scan the QR code

Administrative panel

Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared a list of the most common questions that our customers ask us.

Free of charge, but if you wish, you can activate additional services, which can be found in the pricing plans.

Sign up in the Administrative Panel, add information about the establishment, create categories (e.g. Food, Drinks, Hookahs), create subcategories (e.g. Soups, Grill, Desserts) and add menu items with images, prices and descriptions (e.g. Borsch, Miso-soup, Chicken-soup).

Such an opportunity is not available without the participation of a waiter at the moment, Stravopys is designed to replace or supplement the traditional paper menu.

Because of cost, intuitive and laconic interface focused on the wishes of customers and high-quality services.

No limits. The menu and the administrative panel are localized in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Do you still have a question? Ask your question here

Pricing Plans

Our plans are designed to deliver maximum quality the most convenient conditions


0 $

/ user / per month

  • Administrative panel
  • Menu with QR code
  • Wi-Fi QR code generator
  • Favorite food list
  • Statistics
  • Dish of the day
  • Event page


10 $

/ user / per month

  • Administrative panel
  • Menu with QR code
  • Wi-Fi QR code generator
  • Favorite food list
  • Statistics
  • Dish of the day
  • Event page


Register and create a lovely menu for your visitors

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A free plan may include additional services with a limited trial period.